(Re-Post) Strangers, Again

Took it from With&Without, such a great posting.

Stage 1 : Meeting.
“But it paid off, because I got the number.”

Stage 2 : The Chase.
“Some say it is the best part.”
“All I want it, was to know more about her. All I want to do was hang out with her.”
“The only person I want to talk to, was her. She was the number one.”
“And everytime I saw her….. butterflies.”

Stage 3 : Honeymoon.
“Everyone calls it is. And for good reasons, it was the time when we could finally fully express our passion to each other. And do all the things we want to do as a couple.”
“It was a dream come true. The girl I want to be with so so badly…. was finally mine.”

Stage 4 : Comfortable.
“People changing overtime.”

Stage 5 : Tolerance.
“Somehow, the girl I was crazy about, a year ago, had turned into someone who just wasn’t that special anymore.”
“Arguing is one thing. But feeling dissatisfied and unhappy for the relationship is another. We tried various time, to try make changes, to fix things, but like so many couples out there, it wasn’t enough.”

Stage 6 : Downhill.
“The effort that we try to make things work, just isn’t worth it anymore.”

Stage 7 : Breaking Up.
“The end of the line; the worst stage ever.”
“And this is the one of two of us to start a new path.”
“Becoming strangers, again.”
“This stranger was the most important person in my life.”


So, on what stage are you now with your partner? :)

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