Life IS Funny :)

You feel so alone. You feel like every single dialogue that you do with other people just a bunch of shit. You try to do your best but you know you just messed it up, in the end.
You don't know what supposed you do. The only surely thing you know very sure is you always make a mistake. That's it. Like … you don't have any problem but you feel like your breath is taken away for something you don't know.
But the good news, your feeling is getting strong about something. Something like how funny people called themselves with best friend forever but they also talking about you behind your back. Strange.
You know what, I had this feeling before and that's why I always keep on my mind that I never want a close relationship with someone.
"Because in the end, people will get hurts."
That quote I got from (500) Days of Summer. At the first when I watched the movie, I feel like Summer Finn is so arrogant. But now .. I know she is just true with herself.
Yep. In the end, either you or your closest one will get hurt … or you hurt each other. Maybe because that's how world works, Gotye can make his famous song. "Somebody That I Used To Know" … maybe I'll. Someday. One day, talk to you with a deep smile on me and said "now, you just somebody that I used to know…"
Well, that's because life play with us. Because life is so funny and they give us many kind of jokes that sometimes we don't get and says: "It's not funny, dude. It hurts."

Backyard Cafe, Teras Kota
(*ps: At the first, I decide not to publish this in any form and just keep it for myself. But in the end, I know I can't do that and I decide to publish it.)
(*pss: Dedicated for one with the "D" initial. You know it's for you.)


Laurensia Monika said...

I love this post, ka! Exactly what I feel right now. Hahaha. Thank you for decided to publish it ;)

FeiwenZ said...

Jangan galau lagi yaaa :D kan ada aku disini HAHAHA~

Life is just a blink of an eye. Forget the bad stuffs, and keep going with the goods is the only way to survive and being a happy grandma for the next 80 years =D