Thank You For The Sky ...

So, today was ... awesome. Or can I called today with the best Saturday I've had until now? I can, I guess. Remember, I once told you that happiness is a state of mind? Remember that I told you before about being happy is simple? I got a prove today.

I, maybe, a very cheesy girl who really loves something related with nature. I can drop a tears only because I see a big rainbow after the rain. I can feel so happy when I can spend a lot of night see the sky is full of stars. Mostly, everything about nature can make me happy.

And today, I got a very (lemme say) early present for my next birthday. I got sky; a very deep, blue, cottony sky from Houston, Texas. I know it's cheesy, I know it's so weird, but for me, this is the best thing that someone gave to me. Ever.

Why suddenly that people come up with sky? So, at our chat, I once said I really wanna see a sky from where he lives which is Houston, Texas. He said he can't go outside and bring the video camera to lively record the sky, so he suggest to give me the sky I want to see in other way, which is video or photo.

So, the next day after that chat, I asked him, 'where is my sky?' but he forgot about it. But today, suddenly he come up with sent me those 42 files. I really no have idea what he sent, because the last thing he sent to me was his own photo .... which is a very freak boy with broken teeth and blood covered his face. All around his face.

.....Because I thought he wants to fool me again, I'm not expecting something good from all those 42 files.

And when I opened it, look what I got... a very cottony sky from Texas. It makes me smile for the rest of the day. See? Being happy is simple, right? Happiness is a state of mind, right? When you tell your mind to be happy, you'll happy. Vice versa.


Call it cheesy. Call it stupid. But still, it's a very best thing I ever had ... a man who brought me sky. I mean, it's sky! Even it's only a picture but I still feel grateful.

So, here, I specially made this post for you. For keeping my mind from thing named "forget" and for give you a special kind of thank you. So, thank you, Monster Alligator.

It's so sweet of you. :)

(Anyway pardon my bad English. I try my best to make the grammar and stuff, right.)

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Anonymous said...

When one knows that something he has done for someone is so appreciated, there isn't really anything else to say but a genuine "you are so welcome!" You notice I don't say the uneducated "no problem." Ribka has a way of transferring her smiles and weird humor every time I speak with her. She has a very warm sense of innocence that is full of curiosity born of one who has not seen the world. It is truly heart warming. So when ever you hear your heart race, it just might be me knocking at your door!! The Monster Alligator.