What A Woman Wants

She wants....

Someone who hugs her for entire night. Tell her that every single dream about 'happily ever after' does exist.

Someone who tell her that it's okay if she cries while watching "Morning Glory" or "The Newsroom" or "The Bridget Jones' Diary"; someone who tell her that world is never kind while he hug her.

Someone who hold her hands and tell her that everything will be alright. That people will might hurt her but he will never leave her alone.

Someone who loves a night and rain as much as she does, and allow her to play in the middle of night while its rain.

Someone who care enough to asked her "how was your day" -- not only a care because he loves her, but because he really actually care for her. To not ashamed to ask "are you already eat your lunch?" even when he's on fight with her.

Someone who knows that inside her heart she is broken. Instead try to fix her, he try to be the best for her.

Someone who keeps a promise to her and always tell the truth whoever hurts the truth is.

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