Might Be

the night was released by the time
and reason coming without giving you a space to think
the things that you try to keep inside by yourself finally peeled off
the intention changed

you like turn off your way
and just accept the way it is

suddenly, you asking yourself about something that you can't broke
"is the night armor finally coming?"
or there is no night armor? it is just a cliche?

you only see black and white
but suddenly, like a paint spills into one
you finally see the colors; blue, pink, magenta, orange

your world not only black and white

but the worst is when you doesn't want to think about that;
might be the night armor can be true.
might be the things not always peel off.
might be the colors are true.

might be.


it's all because you scared to feel hurt again
or maybe you just don't realize the color that finally coming into your life.

tangerang, 6 october 2012.
(photo courtesy: Rezky Nugraha)

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